Monday, February 06, 2012

The post-game post

the picks

If memory serves, this is the fourth straight Super Bowl we've shared with Miles and his family. This was the first year we had a real competition based on pre-game picks. Tobin took the lead on that. He wrote down everyone's predictions, as pictured above (left to right, top to bottom):

Evan: Giants 31, Patriots 27
Lauren: Giants 20, Patriots 23
Hazel: Giants 15, Patriots 30
Matt: Giants 20, Patriots 27
Bryon: Giants 31, Patriots 20
Allison S.: Giants 25, Patriots 28
Allison M.: Giants 24, Patriots 21
Tobin: Giants 28, Patriots 42
Miles: Patriots 38, Giants 35

Even though we picked the Pats to win, Tobin, Matt and I were pulling for the Giants. I know I picked the Patriots because it seemed like all the TV and radio analysts were picking the Giants, and that made me nervous. And I didn't think Brady and Belichick would lose to the Giants again. But I couldn't really bring myself to pull for the Pats, especially when Eli Manning played for the other side. (And his receivers Nicks and Cruz played very well for my fantasy team this year.) So we were happy with the 21-17 Giants victory. Evan, Allison M. and Bryon correctly picked the Giants as winners. Alli's predicted score of 24-21 was closest to the actual, so she won the trophy Tobin drew for the winner. Congrats, Alli! This morning when Tobin was going over the picks, he excitedly said, "You know what, Mama? You're not going to believe this, but Lauren won!" I gently pointed out that Lauren's score was close but she picked the Pats to win. He agreed that Alli won. But then he said he was going to draw Lauren a trophy of her own because she really liked the one he drew and he thought she would be sad if she didn't get one. He drew her a new picture and gave it to her. Lauren promptly squealed with delight, crumpled it up and tore it in half. Tobin then took his drawing back and ran away with some tape. I just put Lauren down for her nap and discovered that not only had he repaired the picture with tape, he also taped it to her crib. He's such a sweet big big brother.

pizza picnic

In addition to our friendly competition picking the winner, we had good food. Alli and Bryon brought wings, guacomole and queso dip. I made chili for the adults and we served the boys pizza, which they happily ate in front of the TV. I also made some some yummy homemade Oreos, combining two of my loves: those delicious, classic sandwich cookies and baking from scratch.

how boys say goodbye

It was especially wonderful to have Lauren and Hazel as part of our festivities this year, even if all they did was be cute and nurse. Before we know it, they'll be joining in the big brothers' goodbye tackle hugs. After our friends left at halftime, we told Tobin he could stay up, secretly knowing he really can't make it much past 8:30. Sure enough, he fell asleep nestled up next to me on the couch about halfway through the third quarter, which was an appropriate ending for a sweet evening with even sweeter friends.

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Sewconsult said...

Great report. Yours is the only one that I have read or listened to today. If it weren't for it, I might still be rooting for PEYTON Manning, when he was at UT!