Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day!

valentine's day, take 3

Hopefully setting the tone for this day on which we celebrate love, Tobin bounded out of his room first thing this morning with his soccer trophy from a couple seasons ago (Fall 2010 Yellow Dragons) in hand. He said, "I thought Ev would want to see this!" The trophy is a fairly small, typical mass-produced trophy, but it has a plastic soccer ball that spins. The trophy sits atop the bookshelf in the boys' room and they see it nearly every day. But when Tobin handed Ev the trophy, Evan responded enthusiastically, "Ohhh, cool soccerrr! Thank you, Tobin!"

Today, I am thankful for the spontaneous love my kids show each other--albeit sporadic and unpredictable. I hope that we can teach them how to show love to each other, even when they're not necessarily feeling it. I am also thankful for the love of family and friends near and far, who support us with their generosity, thoughts and prayers. We feel your love today and every day. And we send our love right back to you!

happy valentine's day!

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