Friday, March 23, 2012

Sick day(s)

sick day

On Wednesday, Tobin stayed home from school because he was running a fever and had a runny nose and cough. He'd caught the cold-like virus that started with me and then spread to Lauren and Evan. I knew I felt bad the first few days I had it, so I figured it would be good for him to rest plus I hoped to spare spreading germs to his school classmates. I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever kept Tobin out of school for illness since he started pre-K last year. He's had the occasional cold (never with a fever) but that's it.

He took it easy for a few minutes but spent most the day playing with his brother. They seemed to be particularly intent on scattering toys far and wide that day but I was totally in anything-goes mode since we had nowhere to be and I just was happy my sick kids were, well, happy.

most of the day was like this.

On Thursday morning, Tobin was fever-free and really hadn't seemed that snotty most of his "sick" day so he went back to school. He pretty much insisted he was all better and ready to return. Meanwhile, Lauren and Evan were still suffering from snotty noses. Lauren has acted the sickest of all the kids. Her first two nights with the cold were rough, but since then she's been back on her normal nighttime and daytime sleeping schedule. Still, she's been a tad fussier and clingier than usual. She's also cutting some teeth and so very close to officially crawling, so basically there's a lot on her baby plate right now.

playing the part

While Lauren has acted the sickest, it turns out that Evan has been the sickest. I found out today the little guy has an ear infection. I suspected something because he has been and remains the snottiest of all the kids. And he ran a fever the first couple days then was fine for the next few, but suddenly last night and this morning his temperature was up to the 100 to 101 range. Plus he just looked sick with heavy eyes and pale lips. So I took him to the doctor, who confirmed an ear infection and prescribed antibiotics. Apparently, March is tough on Evan. Last March he had his first-ever ear infection. And then a couple weeks later, still in March, he had his second. So this current ear infection is his third and, oddly enough, also in miserable March.

Incredibly, Evan hasn't acted sick. He's been sleeping day and night like a champ. And I've asked him many times over the last few days if his ear hurt. He has always whined dismissively, "Nooo!"--as if to say, "Please, stop asking me that, Mama." So all that makes it a little less heartbreaking but still I'm anxious for him to be on the mend. I'm thankful that somehow he's been able to be his usual charming, silly self. My sweet little trooper.

couch potato


Sewconsult said...

Hope all will be fine in no time! Don't know if the pediatrician mentioned: a virus or bacteria can be passed from one child to another and each child display different symptoms. So, if Evan has sensitive ears, the germs will settle there while it might settle in one of the other kids in the throat or even chest. We learned the hard way when Ashley was not to be around anyone puny as a baby (after she had meningitis twice)!
Aunt B

ALW54 said...

Still think that LLS may be missing her Mimi, ha... w/ clinginess. Wish I could scoop her up right now. Ev hides his sickness well. Thankful that T bounced back quickly. Take care of yourself some too while you're at it:)