Friday, March 25, 2016

Tourney Day Five

Hey Everybody,

Excuse the brevity and tardiness of this update. We drove 500 miles today, and mobile Friendly updates are not in the budget this year. We reached our destination safely, though. And don't worry; the whole family made sure to use the correct restrooms while we were in North Carolina today.
If you found the beginning of the tournament more entertaining than it has been before, and if you love sounding like a septuagenarian who uses words like "piddling," you should read  this article from the Post earlier this week.

A couple of observations:
  • After the excitement of the first weekend, last night's games just didn't match up.
  • Duke and Kentucky fans are in the same boat. Lots of one-and-done NBA talent, but inconsistent performance with a smattering of titles. Don't worry, friends. They'll both reload for next year. Worry about other things instead, like whether you left the right-front burner on your range on this morning, or what happens if your kids someday enjoy listening to Journey, or whether -- you get the idea. Stick to the important stuff.
  • Oregon's interior presence was impressive, but more impressive was their 22-12 advantage on assists. They won the Pac-12, after all.
  • At one point, Miami and Villanova were 13 of 13 on free throws collectively, but nobody plays fundamental basketball any more.
  • Villanova played the most efficient offensive game of any gameby any team ALL SEASON. I can't figure out whether that means they'll win the title or they'll get blown out by Kansas.
  • The best contemporary road trip songs for the drive from West Virginia to Kentucky are Old King Coal and Long White Line by Sturgill Simpson. I can't imagine you would disagree. 

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