Wednesday, March 23, 2016

12:34 March 23

I'm thankful for music a lot, but I found myself in a memory vortex today after hearing about the death of Phife from A Tribe Called Quest.

I'm thankful for Ben Kennedy's De La Soul and Rob Base tapes. I'm thankful for Mark Palgy & Matthew Summersgill's dubs of Led Zeppelin LPs. I'm thankful for Daniel Gilliam and Todd Tucker's Beastie Boys and Fishbone records. I'm thankful for Jon Haenning's NWA tapes. I'm thankful for Leesa Cross Smith's mixtapes. I'm thankful for Quan Founder's Cypress Hill, GZA, and Lords of the Underground. I'm thankful for swapping CDs with Sondra Burton. I'm thankful for Dan Lunsford's Leonard Cohen, Mike Prater's Band, and Scott Alan Trowbridge's shared love for Rodan.

I could keep going, but what I'm most thankful for is the connection among people who love the same music and share that love with others.

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