Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tobin at 73 months


Tobin has spent the first month of his seventh year at home. I imagine there will be a future time when having the kids home for summer break will seem like extra work but for now, having my one school-aged kid here with the babies and me has been great. Of course, he's been busy with the trip to Florida, play dates with his school friends, two Durham Bulls' games and hanging out with Matt, who started his summer break last week.

big big brother biker

As Matt noted, it took Tobin less than a month to learn to ride his birthday bike sans training wheels. I only got to witness the very first lesson but I'm sure the combo of patient dad and determined, good-natured kid accounts for the quick turnaround. Tobin and Matt are quite a good team.

daddy & big boy

Equally as fun as watching him ride his bike is watching his love of reading grow to an almost obsession. Yesterday, Matt pulled out The Complete Calvin and Hobbes. Over a span of about 24 hours, Tobin has made it through 150 pages of comics. Better yet, he's laughing out loud and so engrossed that it took us reminding him like five times that it was time to put down the book to get ready for bed last night. Beyond expanding his vocabulary, we're watching him grasp things like irony. He thinks Calvin is a hoot and "kind of a stinker."

t meets calvin

Next up for the big boy and his family is our 2012 Epic Road Trip (Georgia! Louisiana! Wisconsin! Kentucky!), which is scheduled to begin on Saturday. Tobin is truly excited and I love that he's at an age when he'll have vivid memories of summers like this one.

proud fisher boy

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