Thursday, June 14, 2012

Boys, blackberries, bikes, and baseball

Tobin, Evan and I have been on a roll lately as a boys' club. To help Lauren get quiet time (or even naptime) every once in a while, the three boys in the family have gotten out of the house to spend some quality time together.

Our energy the last couple of weeks has been focused on blackberries and bike riding. Wild blackberries grow pretty thick along the Tobacco Trail near our house. They first started to ripen a couple of weeks ago. Tobin is especially excited about memorizing locations from the past and speculating on the ripeness of berries that were "too red and too bitter" the last time we walked by. We've been able to bring home enough to have blackberries with lunch most days this week.

wild blackberries

T is a good picker and brags about how few scratches he has compared to me. He's also constantly reminding us that copperheads and ticks might be in the tall grass, so we should be careful. Evan matches him for enthusiasm, but his enthusiasm is usually directed toward eating as we pick them. He also doesn't seem to have reservations about the "too red and too bitter" issue."Uh nuh 'nother," is usually what he says after eating one. I always stay close to him, because between the blackberries and the honeysuckle, I worry sometimes that I've taught him the outdoors are a kind of buffet spread.

Our biggest development in play so far this summer is Tobin's jump into the world of big-boy bike riding. Grandma got him a new bike for his sixth birthday, and Allison and I decided we wouldn't put training wheels on it. On June 4, while Ev and Lauren napped, I took T to a nearby parking lot with a small paved loop. On the first day, he was hesitant but able to get going with a little push at the start. By the end of the first day, he could ride laps around the parking lot. On his second day, T was confident enough that he wanted to tackle the Tobacco Trail, which is adjacent to the parking lot we were using. Though I wasn't dressed for the occasion, I happily jogged along for 2 miles as Tobin took off like a pro (with a well-deserved break in the middle).

takin' a break

Since then, his skills have steadily improved, as has his appetite for getting out to ride, as you can see here:


In part because of Tobin's new interest in biking, Evan talks a good game about riding his bike. During the day, no matter the activity (naptime, lunchtime, bathtime, for example), Evan will tell Allison and me "I want to go ride bike. Go outside and ride bikes please. I wanna ride bike. Please, Mama? Dad? Ride bikes." Ev has inherited Tobin's first bike, and loves to get ready to ride:

safety? check.

The actual riding, though? Well, a couple of spills slowed his enthusiasm significantly. Still, he's able to pedal and is beginning to grasp the coaster brakes, which is pretty good considering he's a couple of weeks shy of his 3rd birthday.

We've been able to see a couple of Bulls games already this season, too. After a game we attended with Bryon and Miles, all the boys got to run the bases, slapping five with Wool E. Bull at second base along the way.

We're only a few days into my official summer break and already having a great time. A rocking good time, even.


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Sewconsult said...

Loved all the updates, videos and pics. Can't believe that Lauren's birthday is almost here.