Wednesday, May 18, 2016

12:34 May 18

If you guessed I was thinking about anything or anyone more than Tobin today, you would be wrong. Today marks a decade with Tobin Lee Smith, the precious person who made us parents and ushered in a new (challenging, exciting, fretful, anxious, joyous, gratifying, humbling) part of our lives.

I've been reading old posts about him (and all of us) for a few days.

So today I find myself thankful for Tobin, for Allison's careful and loving writing about him, and for the love he has received from so many since the day he was born.

nice perspective

cats win!

Last night: right after his baseball game in the rain, immediately finds a book. Baseball + books are  T's life these days. 💞⚾️📚

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