Monday, April 02, 2012

Opening day (almost)

t-ball 2012 opening day

As I write this we're gearing up for the last college basketball game of the year (Go Cats!) but on Saturday we directed our attention to baseball ever so briefly when we attended the opening ceremonies for Tobin's little league. He's playing his second season of T-ball!

our lil' padre

Just like last year, every single player on every single team had his or her name announced over a loudspeaker and then took the field with all the other players. Tobin noted this was the second time he'd ever heard his name in a microphone. He was thrilled! Again!

taking the field

Tobin's wearing number 24 on his jersey again this year, a number both Matt and my dad wore at various times during their playing days. When I filled out his T-ball registration form this year, I listed a few preferred jersey numbers and didn't think to consult him. While he was fine with having 24 again, he said, "Maybe next year I'd prefer my jersey number be in the 30s or 40s." Fair enough. After all, his favorite number is 43--true to his North Carolina roots--for Richard Petty.

Although it rained on us a little, it was a fun family time and got us excited for baseball. Evan applauded heartily when Tobin took the field.

clapping for tobin

Tobin was scheduled to have his first game later that afternoon but alas the rain made the field too wet, so we weren't able to have the full opening day experience. Evan was sad to leave the field after the opening ceremonies, saying over and over again, "I wanna watch Tobin play baseball!"

The rained-out opening day was a tad metaphorical as our attention remains mostly on basketball; Kentucky won a huge game against Louisville later that same day and plays in the championship tonight. But after tonight we'll bid a fond farewell to a fun basketball season and throw ourselves into cheering for Tobin and his teammates. Go Padres!

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