Saturday, April 09, 2016

12:34 April 9

Gray chilly morning at the ball field but they don't seem to mind. 💞⚾️

When my 12:34pm alarm went off today, I had already spent more than four hours at the boys' baseball field, most of that time by myself with all three kids because Matt had to work this morning. The day started with team pictures, then opening ceremonies, then waiting in a long concession line so I could buy Tobin a hot dog before his noon game, and then feeding Evan and Lauren sandwiches and snacks I had packed while I made sure Tobin had all his equipment for his game. During this time I had lost Lauren about two-and-a-half times in the crowd and had asked my standing-around kids to PLEASE STOP PUSHING/TOUCHING/TACKLING each other no fewer than a million times. And the thing that made the whole morning even more stressful was that it was weirdly chilly and so windy. But by 12:34, Matt had joined us. Tobin's team was off to a good-hitting start in a game they would eventually win. Evan and Lauren had made friends to spend most of the game playing with. I had survived my stressful morning, and even though I hated the wind--that persisted ALL DAY LONG--it was a happy, fun start to the baseball season. Go Twins! Go Orioles!

(And now I am home, and Matt is making us pancakes for supper and I don't have to be outside for the rest of the day.)

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