Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tobin at 71 months

tobin lee

This is the last month I can say things like "My oldest is five." It took a while to adjust to him being so big, so FIVE. But another birthday is just around the corner. I'm thankful he still likes to be close to his mama.

huggin' mama

For said birthday, there are tentative plans for a family trip to the zoo. Tobin's especially enjoyed learning about animals lately. His favorite TV show is Wild Kratts on PBS and he loves chatting us up about things like caracals and guineafowl. He loves discussing order of food chains; for example, caracals eat guineafowl. If you know what those animals even are, you know more than Matt or I did. We, of course, know all about them now.

big boy

Another love of Tobin's, basketball, remains constant. Given the Fisher Price basketball hoop in our living room and his affinity for NBA Jam on the Wii, I think he is well on his way to following in Matt's footsteps and becoming a year-round basketball enthusiast. (Matt's interest is in college basketball--particularly one program--which he follows closely even in the off-season. In case you didn't know.) When Tobin heard that several UNC underclassmen were declaring for the NBA draft, his initial reaction was enthusiasm: "Wow, they're good enough to play in the NBA!" But then reality set in and he asked, "Will UNC have any good players next year?"

Tobin loved the tournament so much that even after Kentucky won the title at its end, he set up a bracket for his Matchbox cars and would have them race each other in pairs. He didn't start with a field of 68, but usually 16 and would excitedly run to tell me which cars made the Final Four. He did so every day, several times a day, for about a week.

I have a feeling we'll be closely monitoring the NBA playoffs for the first time in several years. Tobin thinks LeBron James is the best player in the NBA but then he knows Dwyane Wade is really good too and it's amazing because they're both on the same team!

I think he's also still talking about basketball a lot because we haven't really gotten into the swing of T-ball yet. Between rain-outs and spring break, he's still just played the one game. But he asks about once a day when his next game is. Here's hoping Saturday comes quickly!

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