Sunday, May 18, 2008

Two. Years. Old.

This evening at 5:32pm, my baby officially turned two. Today he has been especially delightful, talking and playing and singing and EATING. Even now he is running around the house playing with his new golf club and chatting happily to himself. And I'm not even worried that it is a good 45 minutes past his bedtime. His grandparents are still here, so I think staying up late is to be expected.

Yesterday was the big party. In attendance were Tobin's greatest admirers, other than his parents: Grandpa and Mimi Walsh, Granddad and Grandma Smith, aunts Ashley and Sarah, uncle Al, and great aunts Louise and Bethany. They traveled from Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, and Louisiana. We ate and laughed and played and celebrated.

In the days leading up to his birthday weekend, Matt and I would tell Tobin who was coming to see him. He would listen and repeat their names and tell us where they were coming from. My parents were the first to arrive in the wee hours of the morning Thursday, and when they emerged from the guest bedroom (also Tobin's room) later that morning, Tobin wasted no time in engaging them in play and showing off his myriad verbal and physical skills. He hadn't seen Mimi and Grandpa since Christmas, but Tobin acted like they were old friends. And our normally shy and slow-to-warm-up son did the same with each new wave of visitors. It was special to see how he truly has a familiarity with his extended family, even though he doesn't see them regularly. Last night, as many of our guests were saying goodbye to travel home today, Tobin willingly was passed from one person to the next, giving everyone a big hug and kiss.

I am so grateful that our loved ones traveled so far to celebrate Tobin. And it's really special to have so much of the Walsh-Smith family in one place. I hope that Tobin will continue to understand how much he is loved and adored by so many and that he will also be mindful of the light and joy he brings to each one of us. Especially in times like these. This was an important time for us all to be together, and I feel as though it couldn't have been more wonderful.

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