Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Today kind of sneaked up on me. This day marked my second official Mother's Day, although I count it as the third since I was four days from birthing Tobin two years ago. I had a good, ordinary Sunday. And these days that is worth its weight in gold. I spent much of the day cleaning our home, tending to my boys, and making food. I also reveled in the sounds of a little boy walking around saying a newly learned phrase: "Happy Mama Day!"

Of course, I was presented with gifts to remind me that I am the most important woman in TWO fabulous boys' worlds. Tobin "commissioned" a crayon drawing by his dad, who drew a car, a red truck with a stick-figure me riding in the back, and a bike. T added some scribbles around a "Tobin T," and alas it was the perfect Happy Mother's Day card and is hanging in a place of honor on our fridge. I also received a new water bottle (stainless steel aluminum since we're starting to re-think plastic receptacles around here) and a new paring knife that is oh so delightfully sharp, making quick work of the vegetables I cut up for our pasta primavera.

We're gearing up for the big second birthday next weekend, so we took Tobin to get his hair trimmed. I was worried I wouldn't be pleased with the summer cut I thought necessary for Tobin to get (because it is so hot here and he sweats a lot!), but I actually like his short hair quite a bit. But wouldn't you know on the very day we get his hair trimmed so that most of his forehead is exposed, he trips in the kitchen and bangs his forehead on a cabinet. So he is all set to pull off the well-coiffed, rough-and-tumble two-year-old look.

On this Mother's Day, I am thinking an awful lot about my mom and Matt's. And also an awful lot about our fathers. I am incredibly thankful for the double blessing of my life: being born to my parents who have loved and taught me so well, and then marrying into Matt's wonderful family. These are challenging times for all of us, especially our parents, and I am grateful that we will be together later this week to celebrate one Tobin Lee.

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