Saturday, October 13, 2007

You'd better watch your mouth from now on.

Tobin's vocabulary so far has been developed, at least in part, by our encouragements. "Gentle," "Daddy," "Hannah," and others have become parts of his repertoire after repeated prompting from Mom and Dad. The drill usually goes like this:
Parent: Say "Mama."
Tobin: Drutch?
Parent: Say "Mama."
Tobin: Drutch!
Parent: Tobin, say "Ma-ma."
Tobin: Bom-ma
Parent: He said it! Woohoo! Say it again.
Tobin: Dretch?
Today was a different story, though. I took Tobin outside with me to allow Hannah her, ahem, business time. As Hannah completed said business, I praised her for it and Tobin said "Poop."

I said "Did you say 'Poop?'"

"Poop," said Tobin, at which I laughed so hard I almost forgot to scoop Hannah's. We went inside and called Allison (who was visiting Danielle, Mattison, and Riley at the time). On command, Tobin said his newest word into the phone. Mom laughed. Shortly after, we called my mom. Tobin obliged again with "Poop!"

I don't know if Tobin's dad or his Grandma was laughing harder, but a couple of things are certain: 1) T clearly has a sense of the giggle-inducing power of his new word and 2) Any word spoken near Tobin is fair game for his interpretation and repetition.

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