Saturday, October 06, 2007

Playing Hooky

Tobin has a cold. On Thursday afternoon, we got a call from his preschool reporting a low-grade fever. That isn't quite the cause for panic it used to be, but I hurried to pick him up and take him home. His activity level was normal, he never registered another fever, and the only sign of illness was a steady stream from his runny nose. Still, the rule at school is 24 hours without fever before returning. I called in sick myself and spent the day with Tobin Friday. We had a nice day.

We had such a nice day that I'm a little suspicious of his fever. Truth told, I feel like we played hooky. It was a nice day outside, so we spent a good part of the morning on our deck. Part of that is in the video below. Tobin has taken a few good naps this weekend and is tearing around the place like normal, so I think -- barring a Ferris Bueller-like turn by Tobin -- we'll both have to go back to our respective schools Monday.

Just to warn you: the video below is a little gratuitous. It clocks in a little over 8 minutes. I didn't cut it down much because it's a good indication of a regular stretch of activity at our house and T shows off his myriad verbal and motor skills. If you want to skip parts in the middle, you won't hurt my feelings, but be sure to watch the last 30-35 seconds when T blows kisses and waves goodbye.

If you'd like to download copies of this video to keep on your computer, here are links: iPod format and Windows Media format.


Bethany Walsh said...

WOW...he is such a big boy!! I really needed to have some "Tobin tme"! Thanks for making that for us! You used your time to educate and inform while away from your schools. GREAT JOB!! Love the sandals...and the Spanish words.
Love you bunches,
Aunt Bethany

Anonymous said...

that's adorable. i can't believe how much he's learned. y'all are awesome parents.