Friday, May 26, 2006


The website and the Toblog have been a lot of fun so far (if not as much fun as Tobin himself). I can't take all of the credit, though. I have to give some to my assistant art director.
tobin helps with the toblog
All entries here have passed muster with Tobin, who is quite the expert at passing muster -- among other things.

Speaking of that, I changed my first diaper (yes, ever) on Friday, May 19 and lost track of how many I'd done by Saturday night. I attribute my early successes to the on-the-job training program Tobin has instituted. He's a creative coach, using different techniques at irregular intervals to keep me on my toes. "Partial reinforcement" is a psychological concept I didn't learn about until well into my teenage years, but Tobin apparently practiced and mastered it in utero.

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Anonymous said...

what a joy it is to check the "toblog" and find new entries and MORE PICTURES. We are able to "peek" in and share the miracle of Tobin. The expressions on our family and your friends faces says it all... Life will never be the same again...we have a new person to love!! Can't wait to meet him.
Love you all.