Monday, May 29, 2006

Night time

Night time is my time with Tobin. During the day, with two grandmas, a grandpa, a dad, and usually a friend stopping by, I feed him and hand him off. My job is pretty easy during everyone else's waking hours. It's been really nice. At night, it's Tobin and me. Matt does wake up to help change a diaper or help position Tobin for nursing, but I usually have to be up anyway so I'm hesitant to wake him. The first few nights were kind of rough, but lately Tobin's been sleeping longer. I've also tried to re-frame my thinking about day and night. Tobin will sleep from 10pm to 9 or 10am. Of course, he wakes up anywhere from 3-5 times during that span. But I just try to think about how this is our time and be thankful for the time I have (kind of) alone with my son. It's a sweet sweet thing to have him fall asleep on my breast and watch his breathing change as he slips into deep sleep. Sometimes I'm not as thankful at 3:30am, but for now I am trying to treasure this time . . . I fear it will be too soon that I am worried about him being out past his curfew.

And all things considered, last night was a really good night. Tobin slept from 12:00 to 3:00 and 4:30 to 7:30.


Anonymous said...

enjoy this precious time
Grandma Smith

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed the blog so much. thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Smiths!!! What a beautiful baby! Mama and I are so happy for all of you. Tobin is a gorgeous name, and you're right, it fits him so well. We love you!

-Aunt Jackie and Cousin Kathy

Anonymous said...

you (and matt) have love for this boy that he will see matches no one else's love in his life! HE is the lucky one(O: keep up the good work!