Thursday, August 17, 2017


Lala's first ride on the Tabacco Trail

This week is our last of summer break, because Matt heads back to work on Monday. The kids will start school the following Monday. It's been another summer spent making memories. The five of us have spent a lot of time together: in our car, with family and friends, and in and around our home. Being home has been a little different, since I've been working part-time. Matt and the kids have logged more hours together and gone on a few adventures without me. But at the end of each day, it's the five of us.

Last night at the supper table, as we sat around eating quesadillas and leftover chili, I found myself struck by the liveliness and joy of our conversation--each kid jumping in. Sure there have been times when we've been annoyed with each other with all this togetherness, but in this season, I appreciate how well my kids seem to enjoy each other.

Five years is the span of age between Tobin and Lauren. When she was a tiny baby, their relationship was all sweetness. As they both grew older, the differences in their personalities emerged: he's a rule follower, and she is not. They can argue quite passionately. But it feels like something has shifted again this summer. Tobin seems more amused by Lauren than annoyed by her. Lauren seeks Tobin out to show him her latest LEGO creation or to get tips on a video game. He seems especially keen on encouraging her these days.

As summer ends and the school year begins, the five of us will go our separate ways, spending many hours of the day apart. But at the end of each day, we come home. And maybe we'll listen to The Avett Brothers, as we often do, who might remind us: "Always remember there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name."

Hiking hand in hand

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