Friday, March 03, 2017

Little things

I've been stuck on some ideas I've had lately that take more time to implement than I feel I have to give them. I've felt frustrated that I haven't gotten writing projects or personal projects going, and I've felt frustrated about it. I've tried to use a little time each day over the last week or so to remember that life is made more of little moments than big ones. So I've tried to be more aware and thankful for small things. Just in the last week, I've enjoyed spending time with friends I don't usually see, listening to records I haven't listened to in a while, throwing backyard batting practice to all three of the kids, laughing in class at school, and even spending an hour in the quiet of the house by myself once this week. My week has been quiet and loud, busy and slow, productive and stagnant. I'm thankful for those opposites that, as Epictetus says, complement one another "for the harmony of the whole."

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