Tuesday, December 27, 2016

12:34 December 27

Today our Walsh family left, heading to Georgia to spend a couple extra days with my sister and her family. In this Season in which we celebrate the arrival of God as Child, it is so very poignant that we welcome two new children into our family.

My sister Ashley and her husband Donnie have been on a years-long journey to start a family. They have most recently been trying to adopt, and through a serious of unexpected and fortunate events, they welcomed a daughter, Tamrah, into their home earlier this month. You can read more of their story here. We enjoyed a brief visit with Tamrah in our home, playing with her cousins, over the last couple days. Tamrah, Ashley, and Donnie epitomize courageous love, and I'm thankful for each of them and the chance to spend some time together.

Today we are doing laundry and packing, preparing to travel tomorrow to visit Matt's family in Kentucky, where will meet our new nephew Joseph, born to Matt's sister Sarah and her husband Dan, the day before Thanksgiving. I'm grateful for my kids' excited anticipation of meeting their baby cousin.

I'm grateful for an abundance of love in our extended family this holiday season.

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