Monday, October 17, 2016

12:34 October 17

I started the week today by feeling annoyed. I felt like my weekend slipped away without enough productivity. Our family calendar looked fuller going forward than I felt like I wanted it to be. The Panthers are playing poorly. I stayed up to watch the Cubs (whom I've decided to root for in honor of my best friend's grandfather) lose, making me go to bed late and cranky on Sunday night.

I wasn't well-motivated at school in the morning, then after lunch I got a notification from my Facebook app that I "shared a memory" with Allison today. That happens a lot, and honestly, I flirt with deleting Facebook from my phone pretty frequently because it seems to steal more time than it's worth.

But the reminder was that three years ago today was Allison's final radiation treatment, finishing the third and final phase of her treatments. In the intervening three years, we've grown to love a new house, seen the kids grow to love a wonderful school, made fast friends with new neighbors, and thankfully navigated three years of positive checkups for Allison post-treatment. We have had difficulty and sadness in that intervening time, but none of it has been as all-consuming or terrifying for me as the prospect of Allison's illness.

So today, I am thankful for the normal (sometimes annoying) minutiae of life, and for a slate of minor annoyances that clutter up my mind. And I'm thankful for reminders like today's, that my temporary annoyance is a luxury facilitated by being secure in the bedrock aspects of my family's life.

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