Saturday, February 20, 2016

12:34 February 20

This morning at 7:15, Lauren woke me up with a gentle slap on the stomach and said, with the voice of one grievously wronged, "Hey! I wanted to win the sleeping race!"

The "sleeping race" is something we devised to try to get our kids to stay in bed (or at least in their rooms) for a decent amount of time in the mornings. Lately, Lauren is the big sleeper, and she enjoys her status as "sleeping champion." Today, my sleeping in was an impediment to that. Apparently, after waking me up, she ran to the living room and bragged to Allison, "Mom! Dad said I won the sleeping race!"

Just, you know, having a post-bath/pre-bed chat with an accessorized Lala. 😎😴😍😘😳

There is no one like her. She maximizes almost every aspect of her personalty, from her full investment in the improbable yarns she spins, to the sincere hugs she doles out to her friends. I'm thankful for my indomitable sleeping champion.

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