Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sunshine state of mind

florida day 1: train!

The kids and I are spending the week in Florida with my parents. While there was much to look forward to, I also faced the trip with some trepidation. We left Matt behind, which is always hard. And of course, that meant I had to fly with three kids by myself: one nursing, one potty training and one who chews gum and then drops it in his lap to eat pretzels and peanuts on the plane and ends up smearing said gum all over the seat of his shorts and the airplane seat. Except for the gum incident, the 90-minute direct flight went well--thanks in large part to having two game-playing devices for the boys. Evan even peed in his first public toilet (in the airport restroom, not the airplane lavatory--thank goodness I didn't have to visit the latter).

We're missing Daddy but loving our time with Mimi and Granpa, wearing our swimsuits and sunscreen every day and staying up past our bedtimes but faring very well. I may write more about our visit next week, but for now enjoy the pictures I'll be posting here.

good thing they're not in the water.

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