Sunday, May 08, 2011

T-ball Slugfest

T's Little League held its "fan appreciation day" fundraiser on Saturday. Many of you reading this contributed so Tobin could participate in the slugfest. Each player who raised money got a number of swings based on his contributions. Thanks to you, T took the most swings of anyone on his team. Tobin had a blast. As you'll hear on the video, his name was announced to the whole ballpark while his coaches, other players, and fans (including his parents and brother) watched him take cuts on "the big-kid field." He talked for the rest of the day about how well he thought he hit it. In his charming 4-year-old non-modesty, when he was done he told a teammate "I'm only 4 and I just started; I can't believe I'm so good already!"
T's slugfest

T's slugfest

As part of the day, we had hot dogs and watched other kids hit. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon. Thank you very much for supporting T's fundraiser this year. Enjoy the video of his hitting.

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