Friday, May 14, 2010

Mr. Conversation

I took Tobin to a baseball game tonight. We went to one on Monday night and sat with pretty much the same group of people, so he was familiar with the routine. His comfort level contributed to a high level of conversation with everyone around. Here are a few examples (fresh in my memory, and as close as I can get to exact quotes).
  • To a former player of mine, who asked if T if he was in Kindergarten and if he knew his numbers to 100: "No, I just stay home. I know more than 100. But you write one-hundred 'one-zero-zero' or you can think of it as a ten with an extra zero."
  • A friend of mine was there with his elementary-school aged daughters. One of the girls asked if T knew his alphabet and if he would say it: "A, B, C, D, E--you know what? It would take me like 26 seconds to say it, so no."
  • Again to the girls, when the score was 8-0 (an obnoxious team from Raleigh winning): "This game is not close, so I don't call it a good game. If we were winning by 1, I would call it a good game, but I would be a little nervous."
  • On the way home: "Those girls' dad is the basketball coach, but he likes baseball. That's why they were at the game--because he likes baseball. They said they would see me at the next game."
  • Also on the way home, about the girls and our friend Mika: "Hey Dad, do you know what I like about those girls and Mika?" "No. What?" "They speak English. So I can talk to all of them."


Bethany Walsh said...

Priceless !

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Sewconsult said...

Hilarious. I'm glad I speak English, so he can talk to me, too.
Aunt B