Friday, March 26, 2010


The other night, our curious firstborn was asking Matt about Heaven while brushing his teeth. After some discussion of its size ("Bigger than big.") and location ("Maybe very high in the sky?"), Matt asked Tobin if he wanted to go there and T said, "Yes, but I think I'd like to just visit first." Then Matt asked who he knew in Heaven. Tobin lit up and said, "Johnny Cash, Granddad and Carl Perkins!"

Fast forward to tonight when Tobin and I were chatting while he finished eating. He told me that he climbed a mountain that was so tall it went past Heaven. I asked if he visited Heaven and he said yes, and that he had seen God. Curious, I asked, "Well, what did he look like?" Almost nonchalantly Tobin said, "He was a circle." He went on to explain that God didn't have eyes or a throat or a chest, he was just "round."

Besides being entertained by these exchanges, I am amazed at how Tobin's mind works, and I love his confidence in his own opinions and experiences, even the imaginary ones.

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