Monday, February 01, 2010

Snow! (January 2010 Edition)

We don't get snow often. Last month we got a wet, useless, sorry excuse for snow. But Friday night and Saturday, it really snowed. We had 4 or 5 inches here with a nice crust of sleet on top. While it wasn't perfect for making snowmen, it has worked well for snowballs and our little improvised cardboard sled. We all took a walk.
on a walk in the snow
T threw lots of snowballs.
follow through
Then he had his first(!) ever hot chocolate.
It has been an all-around good time. I didn't have to go to work today, our power never went out, and we've been out to play in the snow five times (with another pending this afternoon). This is what winter should feel like.

Snow Days from matt smith on Vimeo.

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Daniel G. said...

good form on the throw!