Sunday, August 30, 2009

No hablo

One day last week when the boys and I were taking our morning walk, Tobin found a small stick that he would wave like a fan in front of him to "block the cars from hitting us." While waving the stick, he accidentally hit my hand and immediately said "Sorry Mama." I said "That's okay, it was an accident." Tobin tentatively asked "Are you going to tell Daddy I accidentally hit you with the stick?" I was a bit thrown off by this question because he'd never ask me if I were going to tattle on him to Matt. (Apparently, Matt is the heavy around here. Ha! No seriously, that might actually be true!) I was curious, so I inquired "Do you think I should tell Daddy?" T responded "No, because I don't tell accidents." And then without missing a beat, he said "And I don't tell Spanish either." I must of looked confused, because he then explained "That means I don't speak Spanish very well."

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DMW said...

These 3 posts had me laughing out loud! Tobin is a RIOT!