Friday, July 03, 2009

Summer activities

Tobin has entered a new phase in playing. He has always been a pretty cautious kid. Lately though, as he has gained confidence in his physical abilities, he has taken on more difficult physical challenges. He likes to run with me when I take him out in the jogging stroller. He likes to jump off small walls and steps. He likes to climb at playgrounds--and not just climb the steps to the slide. One playground near us has a kids' climbing wall about 9 feet tall. He hasn't made it to the top yet, but I don't think it will be long. The vertical climb he completes in the video here is 7 or 8 feet up onto the play structure. This is now his preferred method of reaching the slides.

Even the kind of play he has been enjoying for a while has taken on a new direction. He loves to hit his plastic golf balls in the yard, but has only lately become interested in getting them in the hole. We count how many strokes it takes to get the ball in the hole. He knows 2 and 3 are very good, but doesn't really get discouraged until 6 or 7. He has actually beaten me two times straight up. He scored a 2 at the distance you see in the video when I scored a 3. Another time, he made it in three shots while I took 4 (hey, it's a tricky fairway and green!).

Enjoy the video. Tobin and I had a lot of fun making it..

Tobin in Training from matt smith on Vimeo.

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