Friday, February 20, 2009

Like his mama

Tobin recognizes Oprah Winfrey and doesn't mind watching her show.

He often asks for more butter on his bread.

He has a Southern accent, especially when saying the word "sometimes." He doesn't get this from Daddy.

A few weeks ago, we were going into Kroger to pick up a few things and Tobin said, "I'm going to pretend we're going to Harris Teeter," which is my favorite grocery store, but we have to go to Kroger more now because of their better prices. Harris Teeter does indeed have cooler carts, more food samples, and balloons!

Yesterday morning as we were waking up, Tobin told me, "When I get bigger, I want to be a girl like you, Mama." I choose to be flattered, rather than the least bit concerned.

This morning, Tobin was carrying around "a list" (old Target receipt) that "tells us what we have to do." And then he read it to me: "It say go to the car wash, Harris Teeter, and Kroger." Which is exactly, and conveniently, what my morning to-do list said.

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DMW said...

That is awesome! I still really, really love the Kroger v. Harris Teeter story.