Wednesday, December 10, 2008


One of my favorite father-son moments came this past summer, shortly after Tobin had visited the pediatrician for his two-year-old checkup. He was playing "doctor" with Daddy, listening to Matt's heart with a stethoscope (um, actually a dog leash). Matt said to Tobin, "Can you hear my heart beating? Listen closely. It says 'To-BIN, To-BIN, To-BIN.'" Tobin smiled and said, "It say "Tobin'"?

Yesterday, Matt, Tobin, and I all heard another sweet heartbeat--that of the littlest Smith, due to make his/her arrival around June 21! Everything is going well, and we are all so happy. Tobin seems pretty excited and can tell you that he's going to be a big brother; that Mama has a baby in her tummy and it's going to get bigger, bigger, BIGGER; and that he is quite sure he's having a little sister.

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Anonymous said...

Just to warn you, the other day when I picked Reid up from preschool, he held a pretend stethoscope up to my very pregnant belly. I said, "What do you hear?" Without hesitation he said, "I hear an elephant."
Ah, my fragile ego.
Congrats again!! Can't wait to hear all the latest.