Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Tobin Bread, a recipe

Tonight, dinner was a pasta bake. Allison made penne with a ricotta-spinach blend and red sauce. While we were eating, she asked me if I'd like some bread. After I said no thank you, Tobin asked both Allison and me if we would like some bread. I asked where he might get the bread to give us and he said "From my little oven." He explained that when our oven "be little" that he could use it, since he isn't allowed to touch it as it is. The following exchange occurred:
Matt: Would you make some bread for me for breakfast tomorrow?
: Yes, when oven be little I use it.
Matt: What kind of bread will it be? What will it have in it?
Tobin: (Very seriously) Peaches . . . spinach (pronounced without the "s") . . . onions . . . peppers . . . brown sugar . . and flour.
With each new ingredient, he would hold up another finger to keep track of how many ingredients he had listed. I asked him to name the bread and he just listed the ingredients again. I'll be sure to save you a slice if our oven "be little" tomorrow morning.

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Anonymous said...

You guys should get Tobin an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas.