Saturday, February 02, 2008

Big boy hair

Today, at 20.5 months, Tobin got his first haircut. Yes, his hair was quite long. But we had to wait until we were ready. Especially me. And today was the day.

As we drove over to the salon this afternoon, my stomach felt a little funny because I was nervous. I wondered how sad I would be to see his long, golden locks trimmed away. I also worried about the process. How would Tobin, who can be very shy at times, feel about a stranger doing something as odd as cutting off his hair?

We went to this (somewhat pricey) kids salon near our house. As emotional as I was about this haircut, I wasn't going to compound that by trying to do it myself. The salon was great. Tobin sat in a car and watched "Dora the Explorer" while the stylist worked quickly and gently. He did really well. Now, there were some tears. He did not want to wear the smock. And he did not like having his head sprayed with water. Nor the electric clippers used to finish the cut. But as with most Tobin protests, those were short-lived and not too intense. With a little reassuring from us and some help from Dora and the fishes! on his smock, he sat still through the whole thing and told us about what was happening on Dora's show.

He looks so handsome still. And so grown up. I am a little sad because I miss his wild, sweet longer hair. But it's also fun to look at him now and think, That's my big boy. (As I type this, he is looking in mirror and rubbing the back of his head. Too cute.) Please enjoy the pictures we have over at Flickr.

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