Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rockin' block talkin'

This was taken Thursday, January 24 2008. Tobin is 20 months old. We think he's pretty amusing. We would love for your to share your reactions in the comments on this post.


Elena said...


The captions were especially helpful, since I am not as well versed in Tobinspeak.

matt said...

Our favorite is "octopus." On the first day he said it, he repeated it over and over. Allison and I would swoon every time. He has a slight lisp that only adds to the adorableness.

Bethany Walsh said...

OH PRECIOUS this video is.
I enjoy how he continues playing as he is answering your requests...then decides to talk about his shoes in the middle of it. Please do this again soon. Octopus was my fav too.
Love you all.

DMW said...

I'm all for "octupus" but I cast my vote for "elephant." Great video!