Friday, May 25, 2007

Tobin's First Birthday

Tobin had his first birthday one week ago today. I have a few things to share about his big day--actually his big weekend. On Thursday the 17th, the Walsh side of the family showed up: Al and Amy from Florida, Bethany and Louise from Louisiana, and Ashley from Atlanta. On Friday, the Smith side of the family made it in: Tobin's Great-Grandma Yardley from Missouri (by way of every state in between, it seems) and Larry and Tricia (my parents) from Kentucky.

We were a little worried about Tobin being overwhelmed with all of the attention, but he was great. There was a time or two that he seemed a little concerned about all the commotion, but for the most part he just ate it up . . which brings me to the most entertaining part of the weekend.

On Saturday, the family and some close friends had lunch together and shared Tobin's first birthday cake. He had a Spider-Man cake with a blue web of icing on it.
first birthday cake
I guess it was the first time that Tobin has ever been sung to by a large group of people, but his reaction was really funny. He wasn't sure what to make of the singing or the cake at first. You should watch the video and see for yourself. Click the picture of Tobin below to launch the file. If you're on a Mac or you want to download the video in iPod friendly format, use this link.

The video above has music added. Tobin likes to watch the video and bob his head to the beat. If you would rather watch the video without music, you can use this link (or this one for iPod format). It's the same video as the one above; it just doesn't have the additional music. If you like the music, bob your head like Tobin while you watch it.

Allison said it well below, but we really are thankful for all of you that wished Tobin a happy birthday, either by joining us or being with us in spirit. We had a great time with our family, the Wards, and the Dickinsons. If you haven't already, be sure to look at a few of the pictures we've posted from the weekend on our flickr page.
and these "birthdays" happen how often?
I only have a couple of weeks more at school, so I hope to keep you more regularly updated about Tobin during the summer. I think he's about ready to start walking. He pulls up nimbly and has finally mastered sitting gracefully. He still uses one hand to steady himself, but I think we're nearing takeoff. I'll be sure to have my camera running when it happens.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tobin!!
You Look Great.