Saturday, December 16, 2006

Mama's musings

There are some reasons for so little activity on the Toblog of late. Mr. T suffered his first ear infection last week. It all started with one of his teachers calling me at work a week ago Friday to tell me Tobin was running a 102-degree fever. Matt left work promptly while I made the call to get him into the doctor. Our pediatrician saw him and tested him for RSV, which fortunately he didn't have. But he had fluid on his ears, and the doctor told us he might be starting an ear infection. We were able to treat his fever with Tylenol the rest of Friday and Saturday. Saturday night was one of the worst nights he's ever had--just wouldn't stay asleep for more than an hour. Tobin and I spent a good bit of the night cuddling on the couch by the Christmas tree, because he was most comfortable sitting up. He was still fussy enough on Sunday (but without running a fever) that Matt called in sick on Monday and took him back to the doctor. She confirmed that he had an ear infection, but described it as healing. He was doing so much better on Monday that we opted not to fill his amoxycillin prescription. Our thinking was we'd prefer to avoid an antibiotic if he's already healing plus Matt has an allergy to that one, so we worried about Tobin having an allergic reaction. Our little guy finished the week strong. We got great reports from his teachers at school. He appears to be back to his happy, healthy self.

While all of this was going on, I was incredibly busy at work. It was really hard for me to not be the one to pick him up from school and take him to the doctor and stay home with him. But his wonderful dad filled in brilliantly and even commented that the two of them had such a great day on Monday he almost felt guilty for staying home from work. Almost. I am so thankful for my Matt.

This is the first weekend in a while that we haven't spent with family. We were in Louisville for Thanksgiving, then my mom was in town, and then Ash visited last weekend. We should be in Florida by this time next weekend (my work permitting), which will be so nice. I think being parents has made us especially appreciative of our families--particularly our own parents. I know after my mom left I was pretty homesick to see her again soon. Matt & I really love the home we've made here, but I think all of the Walsh-Smith clan wishes we weren't spread out over five states (not counting our close extended family which would add at least another three states). We're all very thankful for the holidays and looking forward to some togetherness.

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Anonymous said...

well, i had an ear infection last year and i ended up in the emergency room, bawling all over myself. so i can only imagine how painful it is for a babybaby. sooo glad he's feeling better, allison! i cannot cannot cannot take it when my babies are sick and i can't make them better. i don't know when/if i'll get used to that.

peace and prayers to your family from mine!

and lovelove.