Friday, November 03, 2006

The Leaves are Changing

Time has been flying by lately. I feel like I just went back to work, but we're 1/4 of the way through the school year. Tobin is growing and developing so fast that even Allison and I marvel at it, and we're here in the house with him every day. He can sit up by himself for a few minutes at a time, but when something above his shoulder-level catches his eye, his balance tips and he falls to the opposite of the side he was looking. He is bright-eyed and curious about everything around him--especally Hannah.

Hannah knocked him over for the first time yesterday. When I get home from school, the three of usually play on the floor. Tobin loves to watch Hannah fetch her rope and play tug of war with me. Since he was doing so well at sitting up, I put him on my left side while Hannah and I were playing. On one of her return trips with her rope, she took a detour to give T. a sniff and pushed him over with her snout. In the fraction of a second it took for him to roll onto his back on his playmat, I already had visions of us in the Emergency Room and the interview with Child Protective Services about my delinquency as a parent. Tobin's reaction was nothing like mine: he flopped onto his back, awash in giggles. He thought being pushed over was hilarious. When I pulled him back up to a sitting position, he was smiling and giggling so hard that he hunched forward. He would have rolled forward to complete his tumbling routine, but I intervened and set him between my legs for the rest of playtime with Hannah.

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