Friday, September 01, 2006

TL Smith, Stormhopper

In an escape worthy of a B-movie, Tobin and his mom and dad left home 2 hours before Ernesto hit North Carolina. As exciting as that sounds, it was actually a planned trip, not an evacuation. We're all spending Labor Day weekend with Allison's side of the family in Florida.

It's been a long time since my last blog post becuase it's been hard to prioritize it in my list of things to do. The beginning of school has gone really well. It's been fun to talk to old students of mine about Tobin and the excitement of the last few months. And like any good dad, I keep a stack of photos in my room for anyone who provides the slightest opportunity to show him off.

While it isn't the most productive thought, I find myself thinking ahead to future time off that I can spend with Tobin. I wouldn't have thought that spring and summer breaks could be more eagerly anticipated than they already were. For now, we're enjoying a few days in Florida before getting ready for Tobin's first experiences with chilly weather.

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