Saturday, June 03, 2006

Product Placement

For a long time, I've heard commercials in which a person writes in and says "I love your product . . ." I'm pretty skeptical about whether people can really be that passionate about Gold Bond Medicated Powder® or some kind of slow-cook rotisserie, but I think I'm ready to make my first endorsement.

I love our Baby Björn
®. I'm not as cool-looking or fashionable as the guy in the official ads, but I love strapping Tobin in and taking walks or hanging out around the house. I'm looking foward to when I can turn him around in it. He's probably looking forward to it more.


Heather said...

eek! where is his head?!?

btw, you're way cooler than the cat in the the ad.

Anonymous said...

I agree with heather, you're way cooler


Anonymous said...

Great endorsement, I'm sold! So which one is the paid actor? I know which headless baby is the cutest(O: