Sunday, May 29, 2016

12:34 May 29

Church [offering envelope] drawing by Lala

This holiday weekend is unfolding a bit unexpectedly. Tobin came home from school on Friday afternoon and stretched out on the couch, complaining of fatigue. He rested, opted for yogurt over pizza for dinner and fell asleep with a fever around 7pm. Fortunately our pediatrician has sick hours from 8am to noon on Saturdays, so I was able to get him an appointment, which confirmed our suspicions: he had strep throat. I'm always ambivalent about a strep diagnosis. It makes him feel so miserable and can be very contagious, but the antibiotics usually do the trick and he starts to feel better in about 48 hours. The certainty of treatment is slightly better than the unpredictability of waiting out a virus.

Yesterday, we missed out on a friend's birthday party and Tobin's baseball practice. Today, we were planning to have some neighbors over for a cook-out. I canceled it once I knew T was sick, figuring the best thing to do was kinda quarantine ourselves since I'm not sure if the other kids have been exposed to strep. So our planned time with neighbors has turned into a lot of just-us time. As it turns out, today's rain probably would have made us have to grill out in the car port anyway.

Violating our self-imposed quarantine, Lauren and I went to church this morning. I was thinking I may just go on my own, leaving Matt home with the kids. But Lauren immediately wanted to tag along, declaring it would be a "special girls trip." I couldn't turn that down. She especially loves the children's worship class she leaves the service for, but they take a break from that during the summer. I had to console her a bit about staying in church for the whole service, but she eventually settled into mostly-quiet (It's so hard for her to do anything without chatting.) drawing and rendered the above masterpiece. After the service, we had a lovely chat with her children's worship teacher and the children's minister. Because of a string of a travel, illness and/or weekend busyness, we hadn't been to church in more than a month. I found myself very touched that we had apparently been missed.

We're home now, stuck inside because of the rain, but Tobin's feeling better and we have a scaled-back cook-out planned for just us. I suppose that today I find myself grateful for a long weekend together, even if it's quite a bit quieter than we planned.

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