Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Christmas gift for you

I don't have Christmas video of Tobin to share with everyone yet, but I wanted to share something to tide you over. Aunt Ashley shot this video when T's mom and dad were out on a date a few weeks ago. I won't try to describe it beyond what you see below. Merry Christmas to everybody. Love, laps, and kisses from Tobin and his family.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Tell me about it

Tobin chats. A lot. Allison and I talked yesterday about how much fun it's going to be when Tobin can verbalize all of his thoughts in English. I look forward to that, but part of me will miss his current form of talking. The video below is pretty representative of dinner at our table every night. You can see in his face that what he's saying is very important. His serious tone and face through most of it remind me of his Mama. It's probably my influence near the end when it occurs to him that there is playing to be done.

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

More Tobin Talk

Yesterday's post was so much fun that we did more today. Tobin is feeling well again and had a great day. There is some repetition in the video's content, but I doubt you'll mind. There are about 30-40 words we try to get him to repeat regularly. We try a couple of new words each day and repeat the old ones to stay fresh. It's fun when we realize the lessons have stuck, for instance: Tobin and I walked past a car full of barking dogs in the grocery store parking lot this evening and he said "Goodog" (Good dog). He has even begun to construct simple sentences: "Buh-bye wa-wa" when we drain the tub and "Buh-bye Daddy" when I grab my keys. He'll be telling us all stories soon. Enjoy the video.

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Less than 100%

Tobin is a little under the weather this weekend. He has a stomach bug that has reversed the normal course of food's progression through his digestive system. It's not pretty, but Allison was able to stay with him Friday and he seems to be feeling better today. My job is to do laundry and clean up "spills" when I can. In between his difficult digestive episodes, Tobin is still Tobin: high energy, hilarious, busy, and chatty. He's in a phase verbally where he likes to talk all the time. He also likes to try to repeat what we say. You'll see him at work (during a break from digestive adventures) in the video below.

We're fortunate that this is the first serious illness he has had in a while. Until yesterday, he was on quite a roll storming the world as an 18-month old. He was in great heath and spirits in Kentucky for Thanksgiving. It was wonderful watching Tobin with his Granddad and great-Grandmother and other family. Thanksgiving was a very good time for all of us. We've posted a few pictures from our time in Louisville on our flickr page. We'll probably put more up soon. As always, Tobin was a hit. I realize that part of me hasn't felt much like posting on the Toblog lately, but since I know Tobin's Grandma and Granddad in Louisville have reliable internet access, I'll be making a special effort to post more regularly. He is a delight, which helps me when I'm feeling down. I hope he does the same for you.

Here he is chatting with me Friday night. As you can tell, he picks and chooses when to repeat and when to say what he wants to. The video is a little dark, but I think it's the sound you'll like best anyway. Enjoy.
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