Saturday, May 14, 2016

12:34 May 14

At 12:34 today, I was working with a teacher on National Board applications. When I finished with my last appointment, I rushed across town to watch Evan and Tobin play their baseball games. I got to watch Evan field hard-hit balls effortlessly and cheer his friends. Then we got to see Tobin's team erase a 6-run deficit in the bottom of the last inning and win with a walk-off play at the plate. After that, I came home and mowed, then we all had a delicious barbecue dinner with Ashley. After dinner, we visited with our neighbors, played wiffle ball, and stayed up past everyone's bedtime. It was the kind of day during which I found myself trying to commit it all to memory. I'm thankful for busy days that aren't stressful, and for family, food, and friends.

ev and the neighbors

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