Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend wrap-up

We're winding up a lovely weekend. The chilly temps and March-like winds have kept us mostly inside. Actually, it's only in the 50s, but we've been spoiled with 70-degree afternoons this week, so it does seem cold outside right now.

The weekend started out sweetly when Matt got home just after lunch on Friday after a teacher workday spent at a mandatory training. He got home early enough to squeeze in a snuggle with Lauren before her 2pm nap.

sunny snuggle

That was extra nice because he'd gotten home late Thursday evening and then had to work Saturday morning. Since then, we've done lots of wonderfully normal stuff like taking a family trip to Target on Saturday afternoon. Usually, I do our weekend shopping by myself--which I rather like, to be honest--but it seemed like the perfect time to get everyone out of the house for a bit. Plus, I only had a few things on my list.

I really do love those times when we can all get out together. It kind of feels like we're in a small parade, with the five of us, but it's our sweet parade. Lauren rode happily in the Ergo, while Matt pushed the boys in a two-seater cart. The kids are normally very good on shopping trips when I'm by myself, but they seem especially charming when Daddy's along too. Maybe it's because he's there to help herd the boys back in the cart after the mandatory stop at the cars-and-trucks aisle. Or to remind Evan that the handle of the shopping cart isn't a chin-up bar. Or to listen to Tobin say things like "I do like swimming but I prefer to swim with floaties." when we pass the swimsuit department.

We also built with Duplos (and tried unsuccessfully not to step on them).

duplo dispersion

And played patty-cake.

patty cake w/daddy

And raced cars.

baby boy car racin'

And read some books.

big boy reading

And read some more.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend, spending time with your favorite people too.

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