Monday, February 20, 2012

Snow day (sort of)

Last night when Matt and I went to bed around 10:00, there was a nice covering of snow on the ground and it was still falling. Matt's school district had already announced a two-hour delay. We had hopes of waking up to snow that the kids could go out and play in. But the snowfall was too modest and the ground temperatures, too warm. All the snow except for a few spots had melted by the time we got up.

Disappointment aside, it's been a lovely day. Tobin had the day off school for Presidents' Day anyway. Matt's two-hour delay was in reality only a one-hour delay because he had previously scheduled to do a day-long AP teachers' training at UNC starting at 8:30. But we slept in a little (third day in a row past 7:00 for me!) and had breakfast together. Then the kids and I enjoyed a leisurely morning.

A day off from school is perfect for doing Blake Griffin impersonations in your cozy snowmen PJs.

pajama dunk

And having big-big brother home from school offered the perfect opportunity for baby sister to nosh on said pajamas.

noshing on big bro

Of course, there was plenty of snuggling with Mama, especially by Evan.

mama-evan snuggle

Things picked up a bit mid-morning as The Smith Brothers Band assembled. Evan played ukulele.

evan on uke

Tobin created a classic drum set, making use of almost anything that would make a loud noise--including the yellow crane on the left--when hit by his Tinkertoy drumsticks.

tobin on drums

Lauren even joined in by playing tambourine and rocking to the music, as she does more and more these days.

learning tambourine

Alas, Lauren abandoned her tambourine--perhaps put off by Ev's less-than-careful ukulele-wielding or by the fact that the band name isn't The Smith Siblings Band or The Sister Smith & Co. Band. Or maybe, she just wanted to dance with Mama. And then go down for a nap.

The brothers eventually got into a heated dispute over whether or not the yellow crane was "Ebban's truck!" Sadly, the band dissolved amid some tears.

But don't worry, they always get back together.

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