Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our lil' big sleeper

Monday night was of the milestone variety. Lauren slept twelve hours. In her own bed. With hardly a peep. In so doing, she was awarded Youngest Smith Baby To Sleep Twelve Hours with Hardly a Peep. Her first order of morning business? Dismantling her big brothers' latest Duplo structure. She is quite adept at scooting on her bottom to get things done.

our lil' big sleeper

By "hardly a peep," I mean I never had to retrieve her from her bed. At 2am, she cried a couple times, and as I tend to do when woken suddenly, I was already up and walking toward her crib. But then I realized, it was more a whimper than a cry. So I stealthily lay back in bed. And the next thing I knew it was 5am; there was another whimper. I waited. Nothing else. She ended up sleeping until 8:00!

Then on Tuesday night, she did it again! This time, it was about eleven hours but with nary a peep!

mama's sleepy girl...again!

Evan was nearly a year old before he did this. Tobin was probably three and a half. I have encountered enough baby sleep issues to know this doesn't mean she will do the same thing again tonight, but I feel it is a grand step in the right direction. And the last two nights of amazing sleep for me were enough to buoy my mama mood for quite some time. Thank you for that sweet gift, Baby Girl. I know sleeping that long is hard work.

sleeping is hard work.

Having a newborn is so terribly sweet. And magical. And incalculably precious. But it is also intense. And tiring. After several months of nonstop baby time, I am increasingly recognizing a true family routine developing. Lauren is finding her own, with some help from us. That's where I am right now: appreciating us finding our family rhythm.

I am also loving how Lauren is learning to be silly.

so is bein' this cute.

And how she promises to always keep me busy: scooting and scattering all day long.

girl at work

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