Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Boys and blueberries

waffles for supper!

Sunday night we had waffles for supper. And yes, Sunday was also when I posted about how we have coffee cake every Sunday morning. We do enjoy our breakfast sweets. I rationalize my concerns about our sugar and butter intake by noting everything is made from scratch and we try to incorporate whole wheat flour. Sometimes.

big boy w/blueberries

I've been working breakfast into my weekly supper menu planning lately. About once a week, more often than not on Sunday or Monday, we have breakfast for supper. Usually, it's pancakes, French toast, biscuits and eggs, or waffles. It's easy, delicious and frugal. For example, I make Italian bread to go with our almost-weekly pasta meals. We often don't finish the whole loaf, so I stick the leftovers in the freezer and they're great for French bread later. I also freeze our leftover Saturday morning pancakes and the boys eat those for breakfast on weekdays. Having the occasional pancake supper conveniently replenishes my freezer pancake stash.

Waffles are a relatively recent addition to the breakfast-supper rotation since my aunts gave us this waffle iron for Christmas. Matt and I had never had a waffle iron because our small kitchen is a bit overrun with gear. Plus, I thought having an iron would tempt me to make waffles a lot. I do love them so. But this one works on the stove-top and stores neatly away with its compact design. And I've only made waffles a handful of times because they're a relatively slow meal for young kids, waiting for each waffle to cook one at a time. We're kind of tied to our weekend breakfast routines of pancakes on Saturdays and coffee cake on Sundays, so we've ended up just making waffles in the evenings every few weeks. If you're looking for a good recipe, I recommend Alton Brown's basic waffles, with which we've been quite pleased.

To add some nutritional virtue to our indulgent breakfast suppers, we try to serve the kids fruit too. On this particular night, it was frozen blueberries! Blueberries and boys make for fun pictures, right?

Tobin proudly shows his stained hands and his shirtless self. We asked him to take off his shirt so he wouldn't get blueberry stains on it. (Side note: He spilled his water all over his lap at the beginning of the meal, so he's actually just wearing his underwear here.)

bigger, bluer hands

Evan loved the blueberries, but in his classic fairly dramatic style, he kept looking at his fingers, frowning and asking, "Oh no what happen fingerrrs?"

"oh no what happen fingerrrs?"

As it turned out, waffle-blueberry supper night was also bath night.

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