Friday, July 14, 2006

Well, it isn't Fellini . . .

We have more video to share. When I first edited the below clips from this week, the video came in at over five and a half minutes. I thought that was a long time to pay attention to one thing (Tobin has taught me that extended concentration on one object is overrated anyway), so I cut it into two parts.

But more than cutting it in two, we're going to make a game of it. You can view each clip by clicking the pictures below. The one with the picture of Tobin and me will take you to a video where I'm the one holding the camera. The picture below that one will show you the part of the video with Tobin's mom controlling the camera. I'll check the download files and data transfer to see which video is more popular. And, of course, I'll take that as a sign of which of Tobin's parents you like better. :)

I think you'll notice we have similar directorial style and focus. Be sure your speakers are on. Tobin talks it up.

tobin video capture

tobin video capture

The pictures are captured frames from each of the videos. I think they are hilarious. In fact, I imagine Kung Fu movie sounds when I look at them, like Tobin is in attack mode.

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Anonymous said...

Don't make me choose between Tobin's parents...