Friday, July 21, 2006

Two-month stats

At 2 months and 3 days (or 9 weeks and 1 day), Tobin Lee measures 24.25 inches long, weighs 14 lb. 5 oz., and has a head circumference of 16.5 inches. He ranks in the 93rd, 97th, and 95th percentiles for each measurement, respectively. Since birth, he has grown 3 inches in length, gained 5 lb. 3 oz., and grown 2.5 inches in head circumference.

Most importantly, he is healthy (not even a cold yet) and happy (smiles more each day). We remain slightly perplexed by his giant proportions, given Matt's and my sizes. But we wouldn't have it any other way, since he is so obviously thriving. We remain immensely grateful and humbled by the blessing God has given us in our son.

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