Saturday, July 15, 2006

My day job

While Allison is diligently studying for the bar exam, Tobin and I spend most of the daylight hours together. One thing that I'm grateful for is the front row seat it gives me for his development. Allison described his independence really well in a previous post, so I'll just add that it's fun to see him choose his own activities and express his will beyond the original "I'm hungry" or "I'm sleepy."

I got a look today that can only be interpreted as "You're boring me. What else can we do?" In his defense, I probably was boring him: I had been showing him how I reset the bridge on my mandolin to lower the action and try to reduce pressure on the headstock. Allison gives me the same look sometimes when I say things like "I've been trying for an hour to figure out the correct attribute to standardize the margins and spacing on our website."

After the "boring" look, I put him in his crib under his mobile, which held his rapt attention for 25 minutes before he slipped away to Napland. After he wakes up, I'll go over his appointment schedule for the rest of the day before letting him check over drafts of Toblog posts. He picked up a keen eye for detail in utero when Allison1 was editing the NCLR2.

final edit

1. More commonly known as "Mom" since May 18, 2006. See previously published articles of Toblog. Digital archives availabe since May 2006 at Toblog, published by Smith, Smith, et al.
2. the North Carolina Law Review.


Anonymous said...

That's absolutely hysterical to any law student (or spouse thereof, I'd guess). Thanks for the laugh - I needed it. :)

Heather said...


hmm... I dont think phat burrito delivers. But, when I do make my first Tobin visit, I'll bring pops a treat from p.b.

Elena said...

Shoutout to the copy editor from a copy editor!

Faboo photos---they make great office door decor. Tobin's becoming quite the popular Poster Child for Proper Punctuation around here. ;o)

See y'all in August!