Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tobin at 76 months

welcome, tooth fairy!

Milestones abound around here. Lauren is walking better everyday. And last Thursday, at 76 months and 4 days old, Tobin lost his first tooth. The tooth was so loose that I really couldn't look at it, as it flopped around every time he talked. He wasn't keen on Matt or I trying to extract it, so we settled on just begging him many times a day if we could but ultimately respecting his independence in this endeavor. And then one day last week after school, he was playing Wii with Evan when he came over to Matt with the tooth in his hand and asked innocently and expectantly, "Is this it?" Much celebration ensued, but then in a quiet moment later I held his little tooth in my hand and found myself surprisingly sad about this poignant milestone. It so tangibly represents his growing up. Matt and I consulted with the tooth fairy and our first impulse was to authorize $5 for the tooth but then we looked around and counted all the little teeth to be funded down the line and opted for $1 instead. Tobin was pleased as he was expecting the tooth fairy to just leave "some coins and stuff."

game day

September has been an exciting time for us, but it's felt like a whirlwind. Most of the adjustments have been on the parental side as we coordinate schedules and try to catch our collective breath at the end of each busier day. Tobin has been the happy center of that whirlwind, enjoying every single day of school thus far, embarking on a third season of soccer and cheering on his siblings as they improve their bike riding and walking skills. We feel lucky to have him leading the way.

kicking off season 3

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